Australia Partner Visa Eligibility


Australia Partner visa Program Overview

If you’re associate or would-be partner is in Australia and is a citizen, permanent resident there, or an eligible New Zealand citizen settled in Australia, then Subclass three hundred i.e. prospective Marriage Visa is for you. It is to unite you along with your de facto associate/fiancée. You could use this visa to go to Australia and then marry your would-be partner and live there as husband and wife.

Subclass 309/100: Partner (Provisional) visa (subclass 309) is the first level towards a Permanent partner visa (subclass 100). You resort only one utility for your transient and permanent visas and pay one software price. Your application is processed in  2 stages, about  2 years apart.

Subclass 820/801: Temporary partner visa (subclass 820) is the first stage towards a permanent partner visa (subclass 801). You ought to be in Australia when you apply and additionally whilst this visa is decided. You lodge one application form for your transient and everlasting visas and pay one utility charge. Your application is processed in two stages, about 2 years apart.

Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300): This visa allows human beings (aged above 18 years) to come to Australia to marry their prospective spouse. You are probably able to get this visa if you intend to marry an Australian citizen, Australian everlasting resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. It’s far a temporary visa for nine months. You should be out of doors Australia while you hotel your utility and while the visa is granted. You can have the wedding in any united states: the marriage does not need to be in Australia.

You have to:

Intend to marry and live as husband or spouse together with your potential partner

Be backed by way of your prospective partner

Understand your prospective spouse and feature met in man or woman

Be the other gender in your prospective spouse

Meet age, fitness and individual necessities.

The visa period is nine months from the date of trouble. It calls for you to be in Australia and get married inside the targeted duration. But, if the wedding does now not take place, this visa, you must meet the subsequent:

Apply from outdoor Australia and be there till the visa is issued.

Sponsorship from de facto Partner/fiancée this is above 18 and is an Australian citizen, everlasting resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen settled in Australia.

After arriving in Australia and getting married, you could apply for one hundred/309 associate Visa for permanent residency.

Your application can be processed by means of RMA (legal agent for DIBP). Your software will be represented by RMA to the concerned branch. RMA could be able to talk with the Australia immigration branch regarding your application with your consent.

Australia Partner Visa Benefits

The sponsor can also sponsor your different structured circle of relative’s individuals at an extra price. Freely circulate inside and outside of Australia for a period of 9 months from visa trouble till stop date. Reside permanently – work, look at and stay – in Australia. Document for eligible relatives to migrate to Australia. Receive social protection and healthcare blessings. Apply for Citizenship on being eligible.

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