Canada Business class visa self-employed

Canada Business class visa self-employed

Canada Business class visa for self-employed category

Self-employed category applicants need the ability to conduct a business activity that at least provides employment to the applicant himself or herself. The applicant should have contributions to the cultural and athletics activities in Canada or the applicant should be able to purchase a farm and manage in Canada.

Renowned athletes and able self-employed people are eligible to get this visa. No immigration conditions will be imposed on this applicant and the points will be awarded to the ability and the experience. The cultural activity contributions are also awarded at the time of calculations. The applicant should have enough money to support himself and his family visiting and staying in Canada.

Experience should be within the 5 year period preceding to the date of submission of application under this class. The intention should be clearly established at the time of applying a visa under the self-employed category in business class. Points will be awarded on the age and experience as well as the adaptability and the ability to handle the official languages of the country. Educational qualifications also are considered as a valuable ting at the time of calculating points for the eligibility.

Applicant must have reached at least 35 points to qualify for the visa under the self-employed category. If you have 2 years of experience, you will get 20 points and for the 3 years’ experience it will be 25 points and for the 4 years’ experience it will be 30 points at the most you will be awarded 35 points for the 5 years and more experience which is the minimum required experience for the self-employed category.

On the age factor from 17 years to 53 years of age will be calculated to award the points. The points will be on an increased manner up to 49 years and after 49 years the points will be reduced till 53 and there will be no points you can get if you are over and above 54 years of age. Language and adaptability skills are also will be awarded with points to get eligibility under the program.