A Business Visa authorizes the holder who is a national from a nation that has compulsory requirements of a visa for arrival to the designated destination in the Schengen Area. The visa is offered only for carrying out business in the designated Schengen nation/s.

How long does it take to get a Schengen Visa

It is recommended that the application for the Schengen Visa is made minimum 14 days ahead of the scheduled travel. The Consulate/Embassy will respond within 10 working days or even less as is the usual case. This is the time taken for processing of documents and requests by travelers.

Schengen Visa validity period and duration of stay:

The Schengen Visa permits the holder to stay for totally 3 months within a 6 months period for purposes of Business and Tourism.

Long-term Schengen Visa:

With adequate funds, creativity, and documentation it is possible to avail a specific Schengen nation’s Long-term visa. This visa will have validity for the entire Schengen Area.

Fast track Schengen Visa:

Schengen Nations do not have fast-track visa services. If there is an emergency, an e-mail can be written to the Embassy for expediting the process. It is however completely at the discretion of the Embassy to process the request.

Schengen Visa Multiple Entry:

Multiple entry visas permit the holders to arrive and exit from the Schengen nations at their will. Nevertheless, this visa permits its holder to reside in the Schengen Area for maximum 3 months within 6 months. This is calculated from the day one traverses between a Schengen member nation and the non-Schengen member nation.

Single Entry Schengen Visa:

Single entry visa permits the possessor to arrive at a specific Schengen nation only once for a specific time period. Once the individual departs from the Schengen Zone, the validity of the visa expires. This is even if the time period permitted for residing in the Schengen area has not yet expired.

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